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Astrit delivers Colombia's Largest Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling Project

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Astrit delivers Colombia's Largest Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling Project

The project started at the end of 2019 thanks to the trust of our client, one of the largest producers of packaging materials in Colombia. Due to government policy, the same producers must be responsible for recycling their plastics and contribute to a circular economy, Plastilene Group started investing P15 billion in post-consumer plastic recycling plants.

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The entire project had a plastic shredding, washing and drying line, a pelletizing line and a complete water treatment package.

Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic that swept the world starting in early 2020, the manufacturing and delivery process for the entire project did not go very smoothly before our interruption time. Eventually, with the joint efforts of both parties, we were able to complete the production, testing and inspection of greenhouse plastics, stretch films, etc. of similar materials at the Aceretech facility in August 2020.

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The machines arrived at the end of 2020 and we started offering online and local service through our after-sales center in Mexico.

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Due to the pandemic and vaccines, we had a lot of difficulties and waited a long time to send technicians. These plastic recyclers were not easy for the same operators to learn and familiarize themselves with. We finally succeeded in training them and these recyclers achieved the promised output.

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The plant will process and receive about 10,000 tons of plastic that will stop entering the ecosystem and landfills, from households, businesses and industries. In addition, the plant will be able to process more than 800 tons of plastic waste per month, including liquid bags and other food packaging (milk, water, sugar, cereals, salt), flexible packaging for cleaning and household products (paper toilets, napkins, kitchen paper, diapers, feminine towels, soap, etc.), residues from the packaging industry; businesses that sell their products and households where the public consumes them.

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Stefano Pacini, President of the Group, assured that "the plant aims to strengthen the circular economy of plastics in the country and promote the sustainable development of the sector, and its implementation contributes to our customers' compliance with resolutions 1407/18 and 1342/20 on the expansion of producer responsibility in Colombia." 

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