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Definition and principle of plastic crusher

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Definition and principle of plastic crusher

Plastic is known as the greatest invention of the 21st century. Its appearance has completely changed the way we travel so that we no longer need to go out shopping with bulky baskets or woven bags. But the problem also followed. With the wide-scale use and popularization of plastics over time, we found that the degradation rate of this material is very slow, and it has a great impact on soil fertility. The problem of white garbage is becoming more and more serious, so people started recycling white waste, and reusing it many times by remelting it. Now, let me introduce to you the plastic crusher which is more important in plastic recycling.

Here is the content list:

  • Introduce a hat the plastic crusher is.

  • Introduce how the plastic crusher works.

Introduce what a plastic crusher is.

A plastic crusher, as the name suggests, is a machine for crushing plastic. But don't think that he can smash and manufacture all plastics. It can only smash various plastic plastics and rubber materials, such as special-shaped pipes, plastic rods, plastic films, waste rubber products, etc. Extruded in pellet form. This type of machinery usually uses alloy steel blades, which have high hardness, a relatively long use time, and a sound-absorbing effect. Even when the machine is running, it will not hear too much noise. The extruded plastic pellets are then melted and reshaped for secondary use.

The most common plastic crushers on the market can generally be divided into three categories. The first type is a hard plastic crusher, which is designed for the processing of some small and medium-sized plastic sheets, with a relatively small diameter and average power. The second type is a strong plastic crusher, which is aimed at some plastic materials with relatively large hardness and relatively high hardness. It has a large caliber and a large power. The third category is the plastic pipe crusher. As the name suggests, it is more suitable for the crushing of various types of pipes, the diameter is round, and it is a special plastic crusher. The above three types of grinders each have their characteristics, and you can choose and buy according to your own needs.

Introduce how the plastic crusher works.

When the plastic crusher is working, we put the recycled old plastic into the feeding port, and first enter the high-speed rotating low-temperature steel impeller. The raw material becomes fragmented in the frictional collision with the blisk and gear of the machine, and finally becomes the state of powder, and then these powders will enter a place with a screen, the smaller particles will enter the next granulation stage, and the slightly larger particles will be sent back to the crushing box to continue crushing. Small particles are directly compressed into granules and discharged from the machine.

The above is the relevant content of the plastic crusher that ACERETECH has organized and introduced for you. Now everyone should know about it. Friends who want to buy this type of product should buy it according to different needs. Our website is https://www.aceextech.com/, welcome you, and look forward to cooperating with you. Our company adheres to the corporate culture of "quality first, customer first", and always makes unremitting efforts to become a professional plastic crusher supplier in the industry.

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