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Identification of recycled plastic machines

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Identification of recycled plastic machines

There are many types of plastic machines, we commonly have waste plastic granulators and plastic regeneration machines. Plastic recycling machines, automatic type water feeders, pearl cotton bag plastic granulators, etc., are not very far from everyone's daily life. Along with the widespread use of the electronics industry, more and more partners look at the plastic granulator sales market. How to choose a suitable set of plastic granulators how to choose a suitable set of plastic recycling machines, from which aspects to take into account and selection is a difficult problem that confuses customers.

Here is the content:

  • Customer self-generated factors

  • Equipment factors

Customer self-generated factors

1, according to the customer's business scale, production volume, plastic raw materials, and other specific circumstances to select the appropriate plastic granulation equipment, they need to buy a suitable plastic recycling machine. And there are some other problems such as the supply of raw materials, project investment costs budget, and the power supply system power supply conditions of industrial plants.

2, the customer can be based on the vertical or horizontal to select excellent performance parameters, a reasonable plastic pelletizing machine. "Longitudinal" is an important performance parameter of plastic recycling machines that should consider the national standards, according to the national standards to consider. The "horizontal" is based on the performance parameters of similar plastic pelletizing machines around the world to carry out more.

Equipment factors

The reliability of the plastic recycling machine work, stability, safety factor, and the service life is a key indicator values for the selection of plastic granulators. Equipment reliability mainly in the machine and equipment structure and auxiliary system software in each cycle of the system is not stable operation, working under collision-free sound insulation. Noise can not exceed national standards. This condition is related to the manufacturing and installation precision of the industrial equipment level, as well as the reasonable design scheme and structure of the plastic pelletizing machine linkage equipment. Stability and service life, are importantly reflected in the plastic pelletizer system software stiffness level, and reducer, with seat bearing, extruder screw, barrel, cross RF connector and rolling bearing construction, specifications, and its raw materials and heat treatment methods.

Such components are important to support parts and wearing bad parts of the plastic recycling machine, immediately hurt the service life. Plastic pelletizing machine safety links are the heating extruder screw, and barrel to avoid Running. When the extruder screw of the raw material does not do a specific temperature and thermal insulation between, is strictly prohibited to run or will produce safety accidents. Industrial equipment manufacturing efficiency, efficacy machinery, and equipment to be perfect, high technical strength of automation technology.

The plastic recycling machine can maintain the hand-pull, fully automatic precision positioning, and fully automatic operation process. Production and processing efficiency is high mainly in that the plastic in all normal plastic pelletizing production process specifications, into a gelatinous cycle too short. It is reflecting the industrial equipment of each plastic pelletizer, propulsion, and heating system software comprehensive type performance parameters. Therefore, trying to use high-quality electric energy, reducer, and electronic components, using precision processing production process can improve the sensitivity of plastic recycling machine system software and a variety of constant precision.

ACERETECH each product will be strictly tested before leaving the factory, from the source to control the quality of each component, and test the sample, if the product does not achieve satisfactory results, we will never carry out its factory.

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