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Introduction of plastic crusher

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Introduction of plastic crusher

A plastic crusher is a device for crushing and recycling plastics. It mainly crushes all kinds of soft and hard plastics and crushes block, spherical, sheet, strip, bottle shell, and basket bag plastics into granules for recycling, which greatly improves the utilization of plastics rate. The plastic crusher drives the moving knife disc to rotate at high speed through the motor, and during the high-speed rotation of the moving knife, it forms a relative motion with the fixed knife and uses the gap formed between the moving knife and the fixed knife to create a cut for plastic crushing and shearing, to crush the large pieces of plastic crusher. The plastic is crushed, and the crushed plastic is filtered through the screen to filter the size of the plastic particles. In addition, a plastic crusher can be used for re-grinding and recycling all waste plastics such as boxes, thin pipe fittings, blow-molded parts, bottles, shells, household plastic products, etc., or as an auxiliary machine for injection molding machines to re-grind the nozzle materials or defective parts of the injection molding machine use. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of plastic crushers.

Here is the content list:

  • How to maintain a plastic crusher?

  • What are the characteristics and functions of plastic crushers?

How to maintain a plastic crusher?

A plastic crusher is a device used to crush and process various waste plastics. We all know how harmful waste plastics are, and white pollution can be said to make people almost helpless and troubled. The appearance of plastic crushers can be said to have greatly improved the generation of white pollution and played a good role in promoting the improvement of the environment. In the process of using a plastic crusher, there are occasional problems like this. Sometimes it is because our daily maintenance is not done properly. Either we ignore this place or ignore it in other places. This will easily lead to the use of the equipment error occurred. The maintenance steps of the plastic crusher are as follows:

First, the direction of the motor should be as far as possible from the ventilated position. Long-term use will cause the motor to heat up. This can ensure that the working heat of the motor is dissipated and prolong the service life. Second, regularly check the wearing parts such as tools and fastened bolts, etc. Once loose or need to be repaired in time, or need to be replaced, repair and replace in time to avoid affecting normal production. Third, regularly add butter to the bearing parts to ensure the lubricity of the bearing rotation. Fourth, before using the plastic crusher again, it is necessary to clean up the remaining scraps after the completion of the previous equipment work and carry out a new round of production to ensure that the equipment will not be unable to start and affect the production due to the load caused by excessive resistance.

What are the characteristics and functions of plastic crushers?

The plastic crusher is mainly composed of a fixed knife fixed in the body and a rapidly rotating moving knife. Its function is to crush the scraps, defective products, and waste plastic products in plastic molding into small particles, which are convenient for recycling and reprocessing into small particles of plastic products. A plastic crusher is widely used in intelligent production lines to process plastic nozzle materials, and hard material nozzle materials, and the recovered pellets are put into production again, which is efficient and convenient.

A plastic crusher is also suitable for recycling and crushing outdoor plastic products, such as films, engineering plastics, polyester foam, secondary products, recycled products, recycled materials, biological feed, plastics, resins, tires, rubber, etc. It is also suitable for PU, PVC, PC, ABC, and other soft and hard material nozzle materials; ABS, PE, PP board, and other boards are crushed and recycled, suitable for crushing various small and medium-sized plastic pipes, such as PE, PVC pipes, silicon. The core tube and other pipes can be crushed and recycled to save costs. It is a recycling partner of plastic-crushing enterprises and waste rubber enterprises. In a word, a plastic crusher is a crushing equipment that can easily crush materials with large particles into finished products with small particles for reuse. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and cost saving.

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