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PA6 Nylon Film ApplicAtion Case

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PA6 Nylon Film ApplicAtion Case


Nylon film is a very tough film with good transparency, gloss, high tensile strength, good heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance and organic solvent resistance. Excellent abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, relatively soft, good oxygen barrier, but poor barrier to water vapor, more hygroscopic and moisture permeable, poor heat seal, suitable for packaging rigid items such as greasy food, meat products, fried food, vacuum packed food, steamed food, etc.


Nylon film is widely used. During the film making process, a large amount of scrap is generated. This scrap has a high recycling value and Aceretech Machinery has developed the ACS-H series compaction and pelletizing based on the characteristics of this material. The machine, advanced cutting, compaction and drying, and gentle plasticizing process are designed to effectively maintain the properties of the material and improve the quality of the recycled pellets.

Process flow:


Equipment details

PA film pre-treatment equipment.

Due to the high mechanical strength of PA film, it is necessary to pre-shrink its size with a shredder prior to pelletizing. The size is generally 60-80mm.

The shredded film is conveyed to the compactor via a belt.


Once the shredded film enters the compactor, the motor drives the rotating movable blade at the bottom of the compaction chamber. The rotating movable knives mounted on the wall of the compaction chamber and the fixed knives create cutting forces and generate frictional heat. The frictional heat causes the film to shrink. The deflector on the wall of the compaction chamber compacts the material downward and the centrifugal force generated by the rotating knife head sends the shrink film into the extruder screw.

The top of the compaction silo is equipped with an exhaust hole, which is connected to the dust removal and exhaust device.

The film in the compaction chamber is being cut and compacted.

The moisture and dust generated will be collected and stored by the unit.


Sliding doors with servo motors are installed between the compaction bin and the extruder barrel to control the amount of film feed.

To facilitate operation and protect the compaction motor, we will equip a frequency converter to control the compaction speed.


Aceretech specially designed single screw extruder.

The screw length-to-diameter ratio L/D is generally 36 to 32.

The long screw provides more space for process design with functions such as melting, mixing, venting and internal pressure.

The screw material is processed with bimetal process to ensure the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and service life of the screw.

After the film is processed in the screw processing section, it will be conveyed to the filtration system.


The high-torque gearbox adopts German integrated technology and liquid nitrogen assembly technology, which makes the equipment have high and low noise and long service life.

The heating system of the main machine is heated by ceramic heating coil, and the electric control is controlled by imported solid-state relay and fan cooling.


The vacuum system is designed with dual vacuum to effectively separate small molecule volatiles and water from the melt. Specially designed vacuum tanks will collect and filter the extracted small molecule volatiles and water to ensure the cleanliness of the recycling plant and the emission of VOCs.


Depending on the material throughput and cleanliness, the filtration system is equipped with either a plate filter or a plunger type large area filter.

Plate filters are widely used in plastics recycling applications due to their short flow path and easy filter replacement.


Automatic stretching and granulating system with high automation, labor saving, small floor space, avoiding material waste, etc.


The final material will be sent to the finished silo for collection via an air conveying system.


Electrical control system

Control system using Siemens PLC control, equipped with industrial-grade touch operation screen.

Intelligent start: one key power on \ one key power off \ one key emergency stop.

All electronic components adopt LS, Schneider, Omron or ABB brands.


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