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Plastic Expo Guadalajara 2020

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Plastic Expo Guadalajara 2020

Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and the capital of the Guadalajara metropolitan area, the third largest city in Mexico.

The Guadalajara Plastics Expo is held every 1.5 years at the Guadalajara Convention Center in Mexico. Plastic Reflections in Mexico City is the sister show. This year, too, it went off without a hitch, as scheduled, from March 11-13.

Aceretech's sales team was unable to attend due to New Crown Pneumonia. Our local agents and after-sales team provided professional consulting services. From booth structure design, plastic sample collection, customer reception, project documentation and follow-up, our customers felt the advantages of local service.

Aceretech has been committed to cultivating local service teams to understand customers' needs and solve their problems and pain points more quickly and easily from pre-sales, during and after-sales.

During the exhibition, we introduced to the market our latest products, such as the Cloud Service System, which enables the networking of equipment without leaving the office, thus enabling customers to know the operational status of their equipment, implement fault alerts and maintenance reminders, and facilitate fast and efficient analysis to optimize production structures, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In addition, with the assistance of European engineers, a new self-cleaning filtration system was introduced, improving the structure of the plastic recycling products and increasing the automation of recycling.

This year's show, affected by the epidemic, weakened demand for investment in equipment. However, recycling is the direction, and so is the circular economy. As long as we stay on the right track, we will not stop moving forward and will work with our customers to overcome the current difficulties and continuously improve the quality of our products, including improving the quality of standard products, supply chain and quality control management to provide the best customized solutions.01

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