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Recycled plastic wastewater treatment

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Recycled plastic wastewater treatment

It is well known that plastics have a great impact on environmental protection. The disposal of waste plastics not only leads to visual pollution, but also has many hidden dangers.The plastic recycling machine and The pelletizing extruder line solves this problem to a large extent and improves our living environment.

The contents are as follows:

  • Features of recycled plastic wastewater treatment equipment

  • Installation requirements for recycled plastic wastewater treatment equipment

  • Commissioning of recycled plastic wastewater treatment equipment

Features of recycled plastic wastewater treatment equipment

1、 Large processing capacity, high efficiency, small footprint.

2、 Simple process and equipment structure, easy to use and maintain.

3、 Plastic recycling machine can eliminate sludge expansion.

4、 The aeration in the air flotation process has obvious effect on removing surfactant and odor in the water. At the same time, aeration increases the dissolved oxygen in the water, which provides favorable conditions for subsequent treatment.

5、 For low temperature, low turbidity and algae containing water, air flotation method can obtain ideal results.

Installation requirements for recycled plastic wastewater treatment equipment

1. Before installing the plastic recycling machine, the foundation must be compacted. It can also be installed overhead, but the foundation must be able to withstand the weight of the equipment during operation.

2、 After the plastic recycling machine is in place, it should be adjusted to the level.

3、 The equipment should be equipped with a sewer for cleaning, which can be dug into an open channel, or piped directly to the conditioning tank to drain the water from the flotation tank.

4、 The connecting pipe between the sewage inlet and the reaction tank should be as short as possible to avoid the flocculant being destroyed in the pipe.

5、 The clear water outlet in the plastic recycling machine can be connected to the sewer for discharge. If it needs to go to the next treatment process, it can be connected directly to the next treatment equipment.

6、 The sludge outlet can be connected to the sludge tank or sludge treatment equipment.

7、 The electrical box should generally be placed on the side of the escalator, and the environment should be clean and tidy.

Commissioning of recycled plastic wastewater treatment equipment

1、 Clean up all waste and debris in the pool.

2、 Pump and air compressor and other parts need lubricant lubrication.

3、 Turn on the power, start the pump, check whether the steering direction and arrow are the same. Manually start the air compressor, check whether the plastic recycling machine air compressor is running normally, find abnormalities in time and find the cause.

4、 Press the scraper switch to make it move towards one end of the dissolved gas system. After running to the head to play the role of jumping, scraper foam machine reverse walking until the sludge tank. The jump car will make the scraper turn up and press the stop button to stop scraping foam.

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