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Recycling factors of plastic recycling machine

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Recycling factors of plastic recycling machine

The implementation of waste plastic recycling can make our living environment better and reduce energy and material consumption, in line with the scientific concept of development advocated by the state. The plastic recycling machine can help reduce the pressure of the country on oil resources, and thus make the international tension for oil can be slightly alleviated.

Here is the content:

  • Method and type

  • Dosage

  • Liquid concentration

  • Flow rate

  • Temperature

Method and type

Plastic recycling machine method: convection regeneration effect is better than the downstream regeneration effect;

Plastic recycling machine type: Hydrochloric acid regeneration of positive resin is more effective than sulfuric acid regeneration;

Recycling purity: the higher the purity of the regenerate, the less impurity content, and the better the regeneration effect;


Recycling dosage: the greater the amount of recycling, the higher the recycling ratio consumption. And the better the regeneration effect, but if the recycling ratio consumption increased to a certain extent, continue to increase the amount of recycling, the regeneration effect to improve the degree is not obvious. But will cause a significant decline in the utilization rate of recycling. Increase the cost of water production, general convection recycling ratio consumption between, and downstream recycling ratio consumption between.

Liquid concentration

Regenerate liquid concentration: regeneration liquid concentration, is conducive to the improvement of the regeneration effect, especially conducive to the elution of divalent ions; But in the case of certain recycling than consumption, increase the concentration of regeneration liquid. It must reduce the volume of regeneration liquid, to ensure that the resin and regeneration liquid contact time. The flow rate must be reduced. If the plastic recycling machine flow rate is too low, it will cause the counter-ion concentration of reverse diffusion and easy to bias the flow of the problem. Thereby If the regeneration flow rate is too low.

It will cause the reverse diffusion of counterion concentration and easy bias flow, thus reducing the regeneration effect; therefore, a suitable regeneration liquid concentration should be selected;

Flow rate

Plastic recycling machine flow rate: regeneration flow rate is too high, regeneration liquid and resin internal adsorption ion exchange is not complete. Leakage regeneration dose increases, and the recycling utilization rate is reduced. The regeneration flow rate is too low. It will cause the counter ion concentration to reverse diffusion and easy bias flow problem, thus reducing the regeneration effect; therefore, a reasonable regeneration flow rate should be selected.


Plastic recycling machine temperature: regeneration temperature increases, conducive to the ion exchange reaction, thus improving the degree of resin regeneration.

But the regeneration temperature is limited by the temperature resistance of the resin, generally not higher than 50 ℃. For acrylic resin, the regeneration temperature can not be higher than 38 ℃.

Type of resin: various resins have different selectivity coefficients for different ions. And ionic resins with high selectivity coefficients are relatively difficult to regenerate, and the plastic recycling machine’s degree is low.

Resin layer height: the higher the resin layer, the more conducive to recycling and resin ion exchange, the less recycling leakage, the better the effect of resin regeneration, and the smaller the proportion of failed resin after regeneration;

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