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SCF Automatic Filtration

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SCF Automatic Filtration

As we all know, ACERETECH is an enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of waste plastic recycling machine.

The SCF series filter is currently the customer’s demand in the market because it has the advantages of a high degree of automation and large-volume production, and more importantly, it can improve the recycling rate of recycled materials and the slag discharge rate (the amount of slag discharge and the accompanying slag discharge the plastic content in the process) can reach 1:1, prompting our recycling companies to greatly enhance their competitiveness in terms of production capacity and manual use. There is no detailed introduction on our official website, but this product is displayed in the product catalog. SCF is a product that we began to research and develop in 2016. It has been tested in Europe in 2018. The three-year market verification effect is very good. It has solved the problems of high labor costs and high recycling rate requirements in Europe. Patent of the Patent Office, so we start to promote and sell them on a large scale until 2021.

In our plastic recycling industry, dirty and messy waste plastics have always been a problem that plagues the industry, but the SCF filter system seems to be particularly suitable for the granulation of heavily polluted plastics. The principle of the SCF filter is actually very simple. The laser high-strength filter the plate combines with a hydraulic slag discharge structure to automatically filter and remove impurities in the plastic. Why it is suitable for heavy pollution recycling is because it has an automatic slag discharge function, does not need to replace the filter screen manually, and reduces the frequency of screen changes without affecting productivity, especially It shines when running on our 1200kg/h pelletizing system.

The SCF filter can increase the recycling rate of waste plastics. It is conservatively estimated that it can increase the recycling efficiency by 10%, and the economic value and environmental protection value are improved by a whole new order of magnitude. Its scope of application basically covers our common waste plastic recycling. So far, PE/PP/ABS/PS have been tested and approved by the market. PET/PA will be tested this year, and some other relatively small quantities Plastic needs depend on the situation.

In terms of after-sales service support, ACERETECH will think about problems from the perspective of customers. On the one hand, we will give away some wearing parts after machine purchase and tell customers how to do daily maintenance work, and some problems encountered in daily use. We will deal with the problem in time. At the same time, we have all models and products in stock. If customers need any parts, they can be shipped immediately without waiting for the production cycle. On the other hand, we will have a dedicated person and team for each project, responsible for all customer after-sales work, to ensure that customers solve problems in the first time without affecting production.

Compared with other waste plastic recycling and pelletizing equipment companies, ACERETECH’s biggest advantage is leading technology, high product configuration, independent production of core components, high automation, large-capacity production lines, and independent technology and automation R&D departments.

SCF Automatic Filtration System

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