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The 2017 PLASTPOL In Kielce Of Poland

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The 2017 PLASTPOL In Kielce Of Poland

ACERETECH MACHINERY participated in the International Plastics Exhibition 2017 in Kielce, Poland, which lasted for 4 days from May 23rd to May 26th.

This time, we brought our annual sales champion ACS-H series compaction and pelletizing machine to the exhibition.

ACS-H series machines are equipped with automation technology and have intelligent control system. The machine can be started/stopped with a single button and there are safety switches at each operating position to ensure the safety of customers' and employees' lives. the ACS-H series machines are available with remote monitoring and information transmission functions via Internet and Bluetooth. Our ACS-H series machines, with their industry-leading technology, have already received a lot of attention from visitors.

After communicating and learning about our machines, visitors showed a strong sense of cooperation.

The booth attracted visitors to stop by, and our staff communicated with them with full enthusiasm and seriousness

A professional R&D team with extensive experience can provide customized plastic recycling solutions and ensure the uniqueness and efficiency of each solution.


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