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Three types of plastic recycling machine regeneration

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Three types of plastic recycling machine regeneration

China's annual demand for a large number of plastic products consumes a lot of energy. And the recycling and reuse of waste plastics, which is a low-carbon economy promote the needs of society, but also an urgent need to face. Here we look at the three regeneration methods of plastic recycling machines.

Here is the content:

  • Plasticized recycling

  • Simple regeneration

  • Compound regeneration

Plasticized recycling

The waste plastic is heated and melted and then plasticized again by a plastic recycling machine to restore the original performance of the plastic to be used, including the use of lower performance than the original requirements. Plasticized regeneration can be divided into "simple regeneration" and "compound regeneration".

Simple regeneration

This refers to the use of resin production plants, plastic production plants, and plastic recycling machine processing processes produced by the edges, sprues, waste products, and residues. It includes some single, batch, clean, and only once-used waste plastics, disposable packaging waste plastics, waste agricultural film, and other recycling plasticization regeneration, as a secondary source of material recycling.

In the waste plastic recycling process, for pure regeneration, most of the plastic plants will first use the waste plastics in their plants. Some of them are plasticized and regenerated by a plastic recycling machine after granulation, some are crushed and processed directly, and some are neither crushed nor granulated, digested by the plant. Purely recycled material is the recycled material that restores the original performance of plastic

Compound regeneration

Plastic recycling machine refers to the recycling of those waste plastics collected from society with large quantities, complex varieties, impurities, and serious pollution. These waste plastics, industrial and mining enterprises, and agricultural end-of-life plastic parts, packaging, fertilizer bags, cement bags, pesticide bottles, fish nets, agricultural films, drums, etc. There are urban and rural masses in the life of food bags, plastic bottles, jars, toys, daily necessities, plastic cultural and sporting goods, etc., and a small amount of filler and plasticizer waste plastics. For these miscellaneous, messy, dirty waste plastics compound regeneration, the regeneration process of plastic recycling machines is more complex.

Compound regeneration, mostly by township enterprises and small and medium-sized factories. But whether it is plasticized regeneration granulation for sale, or directly mixed into the product molding production. As a secondary source of material use, must be accurately sorted by the selection, strict removal of impurities, and oil, to mix the regenerated material in a certain proportion of the products used. The quality of composite recycled materials is generally lower than that of purely recycled materials.

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