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2021 ACERETECH’s 6th Anniversary Celebration

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2021 ACERETECH’s 6th Anniversary Celebration

Time flies. We celebrated our Company’s Sixth Birthday on 18-19th,June 2021.

Happy Birthday to Aceretech.


Time witnessed the growth of ACERETECH. In order to create a harmonious collective division, ACERETECH organized a two-day trip to Zhejiang Province for all the staffs.

This time we went to Sky Land, which is located in Shanchuan Town, Anji District, Zhejiang Province. Around 50 kilometers away from Hangzhou, with beautiful scenery.We relaxed and enjoyed the oxygen SPA given by nature.We had a pleasant stay there.Floating Youth,High Sprit.We also held a dinner party in the evening.Everyone was crazy and enjoying the time. Everybody was excited.


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