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  • PET Post-Consumer Film Plastic Recycling Machine
    ACS-H(PET) compacting and pelletizing system: Size reduction, per-heating and pelletizing, 3 in 1 integrated recycling system. Lower investment for a high performance machine. It can provide higher output but with lower energy consumption.
  • ACS-Pro Professional Team Service Plastic Recycling Compounding Pelletizing Machine With Dust Removal Device
    To meet the market demand, ACERETECH developed and launched environmental 3 in 1 integrated plastic granulation recycling system--ACS-PRO COMPACTING AND PELLETIZING MACHINE, which is excellent degassing and filtering performance for recycling.
  • ADS Double Stage Plastic Recycling Extruder Pelletizer for Rigid Plastic Scraps
    The ADS series single screw extruder and pelletizing system, is a specialized and reliable system for recycling and re-pelletizing job of rigid plastic scraps. It is an efficiency and continuous system that makes rigid plastics, such as PP/PE/ABS/PS/PVB/PA flakes, regrinds, crushed plastics into granules again with melting, plasticization, vacuum degassing and filtration system.
  • HS Series Patented Single Shaft Hard Plastic Recycling Shredder With Brand Motor
    HS series is big sized single shaft shredder with large internal volume. The redesigned hydraulic pusher not only improves the power transmission and pushing speed, but also effectively avoids the occurrence of material blocking and the wear of the internal guide rails. This specially designed device creates about 35% more space in the cutting chamber.
  • GH Tuv/BV Certification Heavy-Duty Plastic Crusher Grinding Machine
    ACERETECH is and always will be your ideal partner from negotiating to seeking best solutions, from machine installation to maintenance in plastic or rubber size-reduction and recycling field.ACERETECH offers best technology on size reduction for special applications concerning all kinds of plastic defects.
  • PM500 High Quality PVC Pulverizer Machine for Plastic Recycling
    The pulverizer is suitable for the pulverization of semi-rigid, brittle and impact resistant materials that require powdered products.Particles with a size of 6-8 mm are fed through a vibrating screen into a rotating high-speed sawtooth disc to produce a powder product in the desired 300-1000 micron range, with the final size determined by adjustable disc spacing. Typically used for shredding LDPE, HDPE, UPVC, PC and various other plastics.
  • AWS-HDPE OEM ODM Plastic HDPE Washing Line For One-Stop Plastic Recycling Equipment
    In the field of HDPE/PP/LDPE recycling projects. Most of the materials come from urban and industrial collection sites, their sizes vary, and the composition of raw materials is different from country to country, even though the composition of HDPE-PP- LLDP in the same country is different.
  • APE Energy Saving HDPE Pipe High Speed Pipe Extrusion Manufacture
    1.It is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in research, manufacture and marketing plastic extrusion lines, plastic production line.2.Our plastic extrusion lines based on Plastic Extruders: Single Screw Extruder, Conical Twin Screw Extruder and Parallel Twin Screw Extruder.3.Our plastic making machine can make many kinds of plastic productions like: PVC pipe, CPVC pipe, PE/HDPE/PE-RT pipe, PP-R pipe,plastic foamed profile, WPC profile and panel, wood plastic composite and so on.4.Plastic Extruder is widely used in Plastic industry. It is the main part of Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line, Plastic Profile Extrusion Line, Plastic Recycling Line and Plastic Granulating Line.5.We provide plastic machine which can make Agriculture pipe, machines to produce pellet, laminating machine, wooden window frames machine. Our machine can make 3D printer material.6.Our plastic extruder use good quality screw in plastic machinery. Our plastic machine have long-life.
  • Scf Self Cleaning No Mesh Melt Filter For Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine
    The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device consisting of one or more filters, which is used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when plasticizing material flow filters. As we all know, the cleanliness of the recycled materials and the technological use of the final regenerated particles determine the filtration technical standards of the filtration system. For different melt filtration loads, the conventional non-stop single-plate double-station or two-piston double-station screen-changing filtration system is applied to achieve excellent melt filtration performance.

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