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ACERETECH ACS1200/160 Pelletizing Machine In Vietnam

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ACERETECH ACS1200/160 Pelletizing Machine In Vietnam

Our Vietnamese customer sent us a few photos of their plant pelletizer.

This Vietnamese customer needed a 2t/h agricultural film recycling machine, including a washing line and a pelletizer.

Through in-depth understanding, we provided the customer with a customized 2t/h washing line (partner supplied washing line) and pelletizer.

After four months of production, the machine arrived at the customer's factory in March 2019.

The customer has arranged workers to prepare the machine for commissioning, including placing the machine and connecting the pipes.

The customer is happy to see the machine will be installed soon. He took some photos to share with us.

Soon, we will arrange engineers to check and commission the machine. Stay tuned.


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