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ASP Shredding And Pelletizing System For PVDF Film/Lumps

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ASP Shredding And Pelletizing System For PVDF Film/Lumps

PVDF film is a weather-resistant insulating film used for electrical applications and is one of the key raw materials used to insulate backsheets for solar cell power generation modules.

Currently, PVDF films for solar power generation are mainly dominated by French manufacturers such as Akma, Nippon Electrochemical, and SKC of Korea, and most domestic manufacturers of solar cell power modules can only import them from abroad.

After nearly 3 years of research and development, our customer has successfully mastered the core technology and production process for mass production of a large number of PVDF films, becoming one of the few companies in China with relatively mature technology and capable of producing solar films independently.

Waste film and mold material will be generated in the film production line. In order to save cost effectively, we suggest our customers to use ASP shredding and granulation system.

shredding and pelletizing system 01

Our ASPTM series crushing and pelletizing systems combine crushing, breaking, forced feeding, plasticizing and pelletizing functions in one program.

The ASPTM system for plastic recycling and pelletizing processes is an integrated, cost-saving solution for plants recycling a variety of plastic scrap such as film, chips, trim, blow molding, hollow parts, bottles and foam materials.

shredding and pelletizing system 03

In cooperation with a European shredder supplier, a specialized shredder rotor set is combined with a single-screw extruder to pre-reduce, shred and force-feed a variety of plastic scrap; plastic scrap can be film, bottles, lint, woven/non-woven bags, fabric, detergent, clumps; it is a versatile system for a wide range of plastic scrap.

shredding and pelletizing system 05

In the ASPTM system, the die face water ring pelletizing system is set up as the standard pelletizing method. The automatic adjustment of the pelletizing head allows for optimal pelletizing quality and long service life due to the correct blade pressure at all times. The rotating blade speed is automatically adjusted to the melt extrusion pressure.

shredding and pelletizing system 02

The recycled pellets can be used in the downstream production of PVDF films for solar power generation. PVDF films have excellent chemical properties, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, and especially flame retardancy.

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