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Another 100 Billion Market, My Country's Waste Plastic Recycling Volume Ranks First Ln The World

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Another 100 Billion Market, My Country's Waste Plastic Recycling Volume Ranks First Ln The World

As an indispensable material in life, plastic covers all aspects of our lives, but because of its difficult to degrade characteristics, it has caused environmental pollution. Therefore, over the years, countries have been working on finding relatively environmentally friendly ways to use them to consider "Live in harmony with it."


My country's waste plastic recycling network has a wide coverage and a large scale, and the amount of waste plastic recycling is gradually increasing. After calculation, in 2019 alone, the benefit from recycling will be around 100 billion yuan.


Who would have thought that a small beverage bottle we see in our daily life could hide such a huge market behind it?

We use PET, the recycled plastic material of beverage bottles, for analysis. In 2020, my country will account for about one-third of the volume of recycled plastics, and the recycling volume will be as high as 4.4 million tons.


As the most widely used and demanded plastic in the market, although it can no longer be used for food packaging after recycling, it does not prevent waste PET from being recycled and used for packaging pesticides, oil, utensils, models and other fields. Even under suitable environment and process, it can be made into polyester fiber and clothing materials, and can also be made into paint materials by adding raw materials such as alcohol and phenol.


Especially under the background of technological innovation, many companies around the world have launched products made of PET, including Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pepsi, Danone and other companies.

Taking PET as an example, it is mainly used for the production of polyester fibers after domestic recycling, and the consumption accounts for more than 80%. Relevant representative enterprises include Guolong Plastics, Zhenjiang Swop, Tianjin Yingchuang, Huafei Polymer and so on.


But at present, most of the manufacturers in this industry are still in the characteristics of "small, scattered and chaotic", and about 85% of the manufacturers have an annual output of less than 2,000 tons. There are many deficiencies in capital and technology, and there is a lot of room for development.


At the same time, domestic related industries are developing rapidly. The data shows that the current number of enterprises engaged in waste plastic recycling and recycling in my country exceeds 15,000, and the number of employees engaged in waste plastic recycling is about 900,000, which is far from the level of adaptation, and there is still a shortage of practitioners. .


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