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Another Symbol Of Strength - - Aceretech Achieves The ISO9001 Certificate

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Another Symbol Of Strength - - Aceretech Achieves The ISO9001 Certificate

ACERETECH Machinery is committed to making recycling easier and making plastics more valuable. Since its inception, it has supplied more than 800 plastic recycling extruders to more than 100 countries worldwide.


In order to improve the reputation of our products and to protect the rights of manufacturers, distributors and customers, we applied for ISO quality management system certification, which has been successfully concluded recently.


Third-party certification is notarized and scientific, and is not dictated by the financial interests of both production and marketing parties. It is a passport for countries to assess and monitor the quality of products and companies; it also proves the ability of companies to meet the technical requirements of the products they order.

A quality management system is a systematic quality activity established within an organization, necessary to ensure the quality of its products or quality objectives. According to the characteristics of the organization, the quality management activities of the whole process from design, development, production, inspection, sales and use are strengthened, institutionalized and standardized as the requirements and activity procedures of quality work within the organization. All certified companies meet international standards in the integration of various management systems, indicating that the company can continue to provide customers with the expected and satisfactory qualified products.

To date, ACERETECH has received CE and ISO 9001 certifications. We will make a greater contribution to the recycling of plastics around the world and will make a greater contribution to the global environment!


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