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EPS Foam Material Recycling Pelletizing System

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EPS Foam Material Recycling Pelletizing System

Project: EPS foam material recycling granulation system

Capacity: 1000kg/h

Site: Denmark

EPS is 100% recyclable, EPS foam is first compressed and then pelletized to become the most widely used recycling treatment method. eps waste will be compressed or thermally melted to form compressed blocks by a professional foam compressor.

EPS recycling (1)

The crushed compressed foam blocks can be used for pelletizing to produce high quality EPS pellets which can be reapplied to the production of new foam products.EPS recycling (2)

Today, with the popularity of carbon reduction, recycling is the only way to recover EPS.

EPS recycling (3)

ACERETECH offers Danish customers turnkey solutions for EPS foam recycling pelletizing systems, including shredders, compactors, twin-stage single-screw extruders, SCF self-cleaning filters and downstream underwater die face pelletizing systems.

EPS recycling (4)

The whole machine is now in normal production 24 hours a day, producing 20-24 tons per day.

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