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Mills 100% Made By Aceretech

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Mills 100% Made By Aceretech

Recycled Plastics Cadereyta SA.DeCV. is a company founded in 2006, located in Ciudad De Cadereyta-Jiménez Nuevo León, Mexico, is a 100% Mexican company that arose from the presence of industrial companies that generate special treatment waste (such as plastic) ), metal, cardboard, wood, and electronic waste, with the aim of contributing to the protection of the environment and the optimization of resources for our business partners.

Since 2018, after Aceretech's visit, we started our cooperation to provide plastic grinding machines for ABS, PA, HIPS, PC, PC/ABS, PP, PPS, HDPE, etc.

(Photos taken during our visit in 2018)

Molinos1 (1)

After 4 years, the plant delivered in 2018 is still in good condition and more efficient. The owner, Mr. Ronaldo, was so satisfied that at the beginning of the same year, 2022, he decided to purchase two more plants in order to expand production.

(Photo of a mill delivered in 2018)

Molinos1 (2)

This month, after so many days of New Crown Pneumonia controlling China, we finally tested and delivered two new plants.

Molinos1 (3)

This is a GE500-800 model with 60HP power and 500-800kg/h output, including blower, cyclone silo and fine powder separator.

Molinos1 (4)

The GE series is an economical mill with a special rotor design.

The width of the rotor varies from 500mm to 1400mm to meet the production range from 200kg/h to over 1000kg/h. The rotor adopts high efficiency shear cutting technology and the cavity welded all-steel structure combined with the V-shaped rotor ensures stable machine operation and reliable performance. The compact body design facilitates cavity maintenance, quick cleaning and replacement of rotary cutters, fixed cutters and screens.

They are ideal and durable machines for grinding your own waste or for processing. If you would like information about this model, please feel free to contact us. We will send you a technical sheet according to your plastic and the local service in your country.

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