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Our First Client In Panama

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Our First Client In Panama

At the 2019 Germany K fair, we started the cooperation with our customer from Panama. They have been producing films and bags in their country for a long time, and now they wanted to start recycling and contributing to the circular economy.

First Client in Panama (1)

This recycling project we have been together from the beginning. And for a country that is not very industrial, they were very brave, since they cannot find many supports such as screws, suppliers of mechanical or electrical components, or operators with the skills to handle the machines.

First Client in Panama (2)

Finalmente entregamos una trituradora, un molino, y una pelletizadora para esta nueva planta de reciclaje del cliente. Mandamos nuestro servicio técnico desde México donde tenemos el punto de post-venta, les instalamos las máquinas, y les dimos capacitaciones durante casi 2 semanas.

Desde ese entonces, nuestro cliente ya podía producir sus pellets con materiales post-industrial o post-consumo.

First Client in Panama (3)

These pellets can be used up to 60% in their production of bags or sell tons of resins to their clients in countries like Nicaragua and Colombia. It is totally a good business, not only can they lower the costs of their current products, but they have also had a new range of products in this case, the resins, and finally they have obtained a larger market in addition to Panama.

First Client in Panama (4)

With businesses growing little by little, the client is seeing the issue of recycling the dirtiest materials, which implies more complete solutions such as washing, drying, and even a self-cleaning filter in the pelletizer.

The president of this company Juan told us: now he can work from Monday to Saturday 24 hours, producing 350-400kg per hour with a 100mm spindle machine, and we are very satisfied with the brand, 100% recommended.

We are very proud to be able to help the client to make their investments safe and finally with long-term profits. And we are always here for after-sales services.

Here is the video link of this customer's factory.

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