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New ASD Plastic Squeezer

  • ASD

New ASD Plastic Squeezer

The new ASD plastic squeeze dryer is especially suitable for soft plastics dewatering and drying, such as films and woven bags. It can be equipped with plastic film washing lines or alone. Compared with the traditional way of centrifugal dryer and pipeline dryer, the new ADS plastic squeezer with advantages of small footprint, low energy consumption, and low nois


The new ASD plastic squeezer dryer consists of of main motor, gear box, barrel &screw, die head, pelletizing device and main control cabinet.
The specially designed planetary gearbox and the independently developed thrust bearing seat give the screw a strong thrust and reduce energy consumption. The independently developed thrust bearing seat can bear the axial thrust generated by the equipment during operation, protect the equipment and extend its service life.
Material fed into barrel&screw through the hopper, then motor driven screw forward, material pass through the high-strength die, then to the pelletizing device and be made into semi-plasticized granules finally, which can be directly secondary granulation or sale.
The new ASD plastic squeezer can control material final moisture within 5-7% effectively and capacity range from 300-800 kg/h.
Typical Features Of The New ASD Plastic Squeeze Dryer:
  • Strong thrust, low energy consumption and high output

  • Stable operation and long service life

  • Low noise and small footprint

  • Moisture control 5-7%

  • Granulating inverter control, granules/pellets uniform and stable

  • PLC automatic control, easy operation and maintenance

  • Semi-plasticized granules can be used for secondary granulation or directly sale

Main Motor Power
Granulating Motor Power 4kw 5.5kw
Screw Diameter 300mm 320mm
Equipment Weight ~4500KG ~6000KG
Output 300-500kg/h 500-800kg/h


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